Founded by Valeria Gontijo in 1995 and her partners Isabela Moura and Isabela Valença,  The Valeria Gontijo Architecture Studio stands out for putting together a contemporary, regionalist and minimalist style with the client’s personality.

The multidisciplinary team favors the synergy necessary for the implementation of a comprehensive architectural design. Straight lines mixed with organic and Brazilian building materials bring the warmth of a twenty-first century home.

The office is located in Brasilia, in a house designed by Zanine Caldas, balancing tradition and innovation, aligned to Valeria Gontijo Studio’s concept.

The Studio success is the result of a continuous search for solutions to realize the dreams of its residents, inspiring and becoming an object of contemplation.


Valéria Gontijo Architect, Isabela Moura Associated Architect, Isabela Valença Associated Architect

Junior Architect: Celestino Neto, Kamila Debs e Maria Eduarda Oliveira
Interns: Carolina Ros, Catarina Balduino, Melissa Melo, Sérgio de Oliveira



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